About Us

Bright Yoga Retreat is created with the intention to invite yoga practitioners from all around the world. All our teacher have an amazing skill as a practitioner and as a full time Yoga Instructor. Is our intention to help you to take a pause in your life and reconnect with the light within, renew your inspiration and feel ready to face the challenge of your daily life with a more positive point of view.

Our retreat are organized with the idea to give you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful and private locations full of prana and nature combine with a holistic practice. You will enjoy an incredible practice and afterward you will have the opportunity to relax by the beach or swimming pool.

We combining different skills in order to support your own personal yoga practice, using our expertise we will give a very personalize attention, we understand that the progress in the practice is very personal so we used many different tools in order to help you to open the body in the best way possible. Our retreats are designed with the idea to support many different levels of Yoga practice experience, both advance and beginners will find many different ways in how to improve the practice with us.

During your free time you can just chill out by the swimming pool, spend time by the beach, enjoy different type of body treatments, like massage and others or visit the near by area.During our retreat we will take care of you in the best way possible, we will offer a very delicious food (vegetarian and not vegetarian) two times a day an amazing room, this is the best combination in order to help you to feel relax and enjoy the time with us.